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Thousands of elite professionals are exiting ideologically compromised organizations to work with like-minded colleagues. We connect those people with the aligned businesses looking to hire them.

“The candidates I have gotten through New Founding have been the highest quality out of all the talent acquisition firms I’ve worked with.”

–Head of People, Hydra Host


Our people hail from big tech, startups, industrials, and white glove consultancies.

Sr. Software Engineer


The network includes startups, SMBs, and growing organizations across tech, finance, and media.

Intelligence Startup
Private Equity Firm
Media Group


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Receive a hand-curated selection of candidates for each role listed and warm introductions to top candidates.
Access an elite network of aligned job seekers and operators.
Create unlimited job postings on the talent platform.
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Meet regularly with a dedicated team member.
New Founding will conduct a custom search through extended and private aligned networks.
Receive assistance and curation of role positioning.
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