The Highland
Rim Project

A real estate project developing aligned communities in Appalachia.

We're developing rural towns and communities nestled in the bucolic hills of the Eastern Highland Rim area of Tennessee and Kentucky.

In partnership with business owners, pastors and other community leaders, we’re investing to build thick communities that are conducive to a natural, human and uniquely American way of life.

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We are collecting indications of interest and expect to announce the precise location of the project by late 2024/early 2025. In the meantime, we are acquiring properties and making our development plans.

Remote work enables a revolution in where people live and how they organize themselves into communities. People are, especially since Covid, proactively seeking communities that align with their values and way of life. The knowledge economy worker can now work and live in a small town, uplifting areas that have struggled with economic depression for decades.

This presents a unique and time-limited opportunity to build new types of communities that are conducive to a healthy, natural and American way of life.

If you are interested in moving to such a community, please fill out the Resident Waitlist.

If you have interest in other specific forms of partnership/involvement, please fill out the Other Partnership form.

The Vision

Our nation is in the midst of a generational people movement to small towns and rural areas.

Looking for people

We are looking for early adopters who would seriously consider moving or partnering with us to build the project.

The Highland Rim Project is a partnership between New Founding and Ridge Runner – an aligned real estate developer already active in our target region.