Presidio Pre-Seed Investment

10.30.23. - I'm pleased pleased to announce our investment into Presidio Healthcare, leading their pre-seed round from our Venture Fund. Presidio is a health insurance startup offering innovative non-ACA policies designed for pro-life customers.

Presidio squarely fits New Founding's thesis: it is developing a competitive product in a sector in need of broad innovation, and is focusing on conservatives and Christians who are particularly dissatisfied by the status quo.

Presidio’s founders, Daniel Cruz and Bob Hogan, combine strong actuarial and regulatory expertise with experience at a successful health insurance startup. Their products will reflect their Catholic ethical commitments, and serve the desires of a broad group of healthcare consumers.

The healthcare sector itself is well positioned for new entrants. In the face of this opportunity, Presidio's founders have an innovative vision for a better and more cost-effective approach to health insurance. With many of the most exciting developments in healthcare happening in the self-pay space, Presidio's model will allow them to embrace these—offering their members better and cheaper care options.

We will see broader shifts in the healthcare space—with millions of Americans alienated by establishment medical trends from gender ideology to vaccine policy—and I believe that Presidio can play a key role in driving change.

As Presidio grows, they intend to leverage their membership community to crowdsource a new network of providers who reject these ideologies and offer care that is aligned with our values—making them a natural integration layer for a new ecosystem.

Presidio's initial plan will be aimed at individuals and families who buy their own insurance, and they aim to launch in Texas in 2024.

Nate Fischer, CEO & Founding Partner

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